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Keeping Myself Safe

What should I do if I am worried about anything or feel unsafe?


If you feel unsafe or are worried about ANYTHING either at home, at school, when on-line or an activity out of school, here are some suggestions of what you could do to help.


  1. Talk with a trusted adult - at school you could talk with your teacher, your teaching assistant, one of the lunchtime supervisors, one of the staff in the school office or see Mr. Clark.
  2. If you are finding it hard to talk to a trusted adult when it is busy -you could leave a note on Mr. Clark's desk or your teacher's table saying something like, 'Can you chat to me' or 'I'd like you to talk to me'. Don't forget to put your name on it. We will then come and find you straight away and find out how we can help.
  3. Tell a School Councillor or a Playground Buddy that you are worried about something. They will be able to help you in finding an adult to talk to.


Remember!! If you are worried about anything - find an adult and tell them -

Don't keep your worries to yourself!



Keeping Safe Online

Picture 1

Pupils Online Safety Pledge

Still image for this video
These are some of the pledges we made about using the internet!

Key Stage 1 Keeping Safe Online Cartoon

This cartoon is designed to help you learn how to keep safe whilst online.

Key Stage 2 Keeping Safe Online Video

This video helps you understand that you need to be just as protective of your personal information online, as you would be in the real world.