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I can write words that have sh and ch digraph in.

Can you write words using the sh and ch sound we have been looking at this week?


I can compare characters from ‘The Great Race.’

Can you write sentences that compare the ox to the rat? 

Try to include!:

· Capital letters

· Full stops

· Finger spaces

· Conjunctions


I can count to 100 

I can form my numbers properly

Please see Friday maths sheet 

Can you form numbers 0-9?


I can write what I already know about China.

I can identify China on a map. 

Write what you already know about China so we can compare it to the end of our topic! Can you find China on the map and colour it in. Can you find where we live in the United Kingdom and colour it in another colour?


Please practise your spellings that were given out before half term, for a spelling test on Friday 13th November. If you would like additional spellings to practise at home then please see common exception word list for year 1 attached!