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Safeguarding Children

The Child Protection Co-ordinator and Designated Safeguarding Lead at school is Mrs E Fieldhouse.


The Deputy Child Protection Co-ordinator is Mr P Smith.


Should any visitor, parent or member of staff have any concerns regarding a child, or if a child makes a disclosure to them, they should speak to Mrs. Fieldhouse or Mr. Smith directly. 


In the absence of Mrs E  Fieldhouse or Mr P Smith,  another member of the Senior Leadership Team should be contacted. (Mrs V Robinson-SENCO & Deputy Headteacher or Miss C Hutley - EYFS Manager)
Alternatively, a disclosure form can be obtained from reception, completed and put in a sealed envelope for Mrs Fieldhouse's attention. You should always follow up your discussion by filling in a 'Record of Concern' form.


We ask all adults who come into contact with children to be approachable and to listen. We remind them not to ask the child 'leading questions', but to record what they have been told accurately and carefully.


Adults must refer any disclosure or concern to the designated child protection officer, so we remind them to tell the child that what they are saying is confidential but not a  'private' conversation. This is so that the adult can speak to the designated child protection officer without breaking the child's trust and confidence in them. 


Following a disclosure or concern, the Designated Safeguarding Lead will make a decision as to whether to log and monitor the information, speak with parents about the disclosure or refer the disclosure to Children's Social Care via the East Riding Early Help and Support Hub.  Prior to any referral, the Designated safeguarding Lead would usually speak with parents. However, if there are concerns that a child may be in immediate danger, a referral would be made without speaking to parents first.


Any adult can contact the ERYC Early Help and Support Hub if they have any safeguarding concerns regarding any child or family, whether this be in or out of school time.  They are contactable on (01482) 395500 or by visiting their website at


If an adult has a concern about a member of staff, this should be referred to the Headteacher. If the concern is about the Headteacher, it should be brought to the attention of the Chair of Governors, contactable via the school office.


Further information on our child protection and safeguarding arrangements can be found under the 'Policies' tab and also by following the links below.