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I can read words using the ch sound 

What words can you write that include ch?

Can you find anything around your home that uses the ch digraph?


I can answer questions about the story ‘The Great Race.’ 

Read the pdf ‘Part 1 Zodiac Story’ and answer the questions on Tuesday’s English sheet. Choose the correct level text and questions for your child.


I can count to 100

I know my number bonds

Please see Tuesday maths sheet and choose the correct level for your child.

Can you add using your number bonds to 5, 10 or 20?


I can identify sounds

This term we are learning about sound. Can you listen to the sound clips on the video, pause the video, write what you think the sound is and then write what the sound actually is.

Reading Comprehension 2 

Can you read the story ‘On the River’ and answer the questions?