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School Council

The school council represent each class for the Foundation Stage up to Year 6. Each term two new children are elected by their peers to represent their class. The class hold elections with children sharing their manifestos before the class elect one boy and one girl to represent them.
The school council meet each Tuesday to discuss school matters over a drink and biscuit. The purpose of the council is to give the children a voice and help to improve our school. They discuss a range of issues which have included drafting the Behaviour Policy, deciding on a new school reward scheme, taking part in the Eco-schools project, deciding on new playtime equipment and representing pupil views on a range of issues.
An important job each half term is to choose the child who will receive the school council trophy. 
Within the council there are four children who hold ‘special’ jobs. The chairperson runs the meetings and presents the school council trophy in our end of term assembly. The treasurer helps in financial situations, often counting sponsorship money and ordering new playtime equipment. Our secretary is the person who writes or types any notes that need to be made or any letters that the school council need to send. Lastly, we have the executive officer who helps with any of the above jobs and stands in if the chair person, secretary or treasurer is absent. 

Joint School Council and Governing Body Meetings