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Intent, Implementation & Impact


Intent, Implementation and Impact



  • Become fluent in the fundamentals of mathematics.
  • Develop conceptual understanding and the ability to recall and apply knowledge rapidly.
  • To reason and problem solve by applying mathematics to a variety of increasingly complex problems.
  • To build upon children’s knowledge and understanding from year 1 to year 6.
  • To develop resilience that enables all children to reason and problem solve with increased confidence.




  • To ensure full topic coverage, the school uses ‘Focus Maths’. This is a whole-school primary maths curriculum that creates continuity and progression in the teaching of mathematics.
  • Daily maths lessons include fluency, reasoning and problem solving.
  • Lessons are differentiated to ensure there is appropriate challenge for all learners.
  • Concrete manipulatives and pictorial representations are used to support conceptual understanding and to make links across topics.
  • Children are individually assessed and rewarded for rapid recall of number bonds (KS1) and times tables (Years 2-6).
  • Children complete a weekly pre and post learning task on each topic to ensure progress is being made through their maths journey,
  • Children are assessed on a termly basis.



  • Most children reach end of year expectations.
  • Children’s progress is tracked on a weekly basis using a tracker.
  • Well planned sequences of learning support children to develop and refine their maths skills.
  • Children are able to independently apply their knowledge to a range of increasingly complex problems.
  • Children are reasoning with increased confidence and accuracy. .